Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose a specific first dance?

Yes. Take 5 are happy to learn 1 song especially for your first dance. Please supply us with you chosen song CD or as an mp3 at least 1 month prior to your event.

Can CDs be played as background music?

Yes, CDs are always played during any breaks and can also be played prior to performance.

How long does Take 5 play for?

Take 5 will play a maximum of 3 one-hour sets spread over a 4-hour period. If less music is required or an event runs late we will adjust our sets accordingly.

How do we book the band?

Bookings are made by a signed contract, which we will send to you on request. No deposit is required. Terms of business are payment in full, 7 working days prior to performance.

How much space does Take 5 need?

There are several different ways we can set the band up. A rough guide to a minimum space is 4.5m wide by 3m deep. This is only a guide and we are very flexible.

What are the power requirements for the band?

Take 5 use around 2900 watts. This can be taken from a single standard 13-amp mains feed, i.e. 1 plug (the limit is around 3500 watts). If your event is being held in a marquee we strongly recommend that you check with your marquee provider, as they will be able to advise on power supply.

What are your lighting requirements?

Take 5 provide all our own lighting. We have spotlights to light up the band and disco lights for the dance floor.

Can we choose the repertoire?

When you book Take 5 you book a ‘worry-free’ 100% professional, experienced and reliable service. This includes repertoire choice. Take 5 decides repertoire on the night confident that 99% of your guests will know 99% of the tunes we play. The music we choose to play is determined by requests we receive from your guests, tried and tested classics, combinations and sequences of songs we know work well together and the audiences’ reaction to songs we have played earlier in the evening.

How loud is Take 5?

Take 5 is not a particularly loud band, however, it is the acoustic of the room which dictates how loud the band sounds. In our experience, we recognise that for most parties, you need the band to be loud enough on the dance floor to create an atmosphere without deafening the rest of the room. In marquees and venues with carpeted floors and soft furnishings this is easy to achieve due to the ‘dead acoustic’. In rooms and halls with high ceilings, wooden/stone floors and lots of windows the echo of the acoustic makes the volume much harder to control. If your venue has an electronic noise limiter we must liase with the venue before we can accept your booking.

Do you need to look at the venue prior to performance?

No, we do not usually visit venues beforehand. If you are using a hotel or venue, which regularly hosts functions, we will contact them in advance to discuss access, space and power requirements.

How long does it take the band to set up and do you sound-check?

For weddings and parties it takes around 50 minutes to set up and we do not usually sound-check as we travel with all equipment sound tested and ‘ready to go’. If you prefer to reduce this time the sound system can be set up earlier in the day with the remaining instruments being brought in a 15-minute gap prior to performance. If you require an immediate start it is possible for the entire band to set up early however there is a charge made for this service. For corporate functions with a larger sound system a set up time of 2 hours is required.